Road Trip to Montreal for Osheaga!


Road Trip to Montreal for Osheaga!

We’re finally recovering from a killer weekend in Montreal for Osheaga and 72 hours of fun.

Our Osheaga adventure began at 6am on Friday as we departed from TEAMLTD HQ with a full squad on our RV aka The Dream Machine. A quick stop at Oasis Surf for lunch, a beer, and a surf session got us really fired up for the weekend ahead! Friday afternoon we got settled in and made our way into Osheaga to check out the festivities. Our friends at Coors Light Montreal were very accommodating as they gave our full group access to the CL Vip area which gave us a primetime view of Odessa. This was our second time seeing Odessa this year and once again we were blown away by the live performance!

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Saturday was a slow start as we were tired from a long day Friday followed by a late night. Saturday afternoon we spent some time at the Vans half pipe area and relaxed in the Coors Light WiFi zone which were conveniently right next to each other.

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Saturday evening was filled with an incredible lineup of music. Although it is tough to pick our favorites from the star-studded lineup we would have to say Arctic Monkeys & Khalid stole the show on this evening. After the show ended went to check out the awesome nightlife that Montreal has to offer and had a killer night meeting new friends and running into old friends.



Sunday didn’t disappoint with another fully stacked artist lineup. We checked out another Coors Light Zone and ran into our friends Steph & Kristen. Post Malone stole the show Sunday and it was an incredible way to finish off the festival.

Overall we can confidently say this was one of the best artist lineups we've ever seen at a festival. What a weekend. Thank You Osheaga! 

By Andrea Edward