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10 Dads You Must Follow on Instagram

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10 Dads You Must Follow on Instagram


10 Dads You Must Follow on Instagram


1. Simon Hooper (@fathers_of_daughters)

He used to gram' about cars, architecture, and other manly things. Not anymore, 4 kids deep and this Dad shows the pros and cons of being a daddy. 

2. Beau Coffron (@lunchboxdad)

Coffron is the father of three kids and the genius behind Lunchbox Dad, a popular Instagram account. His food styling skills transformed a hobby into a full-on business. 

A post shared by Beau Coffron (@lunchboxdad) on

3. Mike Quinones (@lifewithmicah)

An action sports veteran with a beautiful baby boy and wife. His incredible pictures will make you want to book a flight abroad asap. 

A post shared by Micah Quinones (@lifewithmicah) on

4. Josh Davis (@tiesandfries)

Davis takes pictures mostly of his family, although there are a few scenic shots that will appeal to your wanderlust. He also matches outfits with his kids on the reg. 

A post shared by Josh Davis (@tiesandfries) on

5. Aubrey McCoy (@aubreymccoy)

Husband to 1. Father to 4.  Texas raised. Tacos and Motorcycles. 

A post shared by Aubrey McCoy (@aubreymccoy) on

6. Pete (@thedaddyfashionstylist)

Father Pete creates amazing looks for his daughter.  His Blog "The Daddy Fashion Stylist" is on point as well. Check it out here

7. Nick (@dad_beets)

Part-time Dad / part-time Foody. His Instagram will leave you salivating. 

A post shared by NICK (@dad_beets) on

8. Michael Buble (@Michael Buble)

Michael Buble shows how you can sell  55 million albums and still make time for your kids. 

9. Jason Nash (@jasonnash)

Jason is not only a comedian but also claims to have a penis tattoo. We wonder what his 2 kids think about this. 

A post shared by Jason Nash (@jasonnash) on

10. Keith Weaver (@keithweaver)

Professional photographer, creative director, and all-time father. Keith travels year-round with his wife and 2 kids. 

A post shared by Keith Weaver (@keithweaver) on

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