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TEAMLTD's Six Month Truck Program


TEAMLTD's Six Month Truck Program

TEAMLTD's 6-Month Truck Program

We are super excited to continue our relationship with True North Motorsports and partner with them and Tom Smith Chevrolet on their 6 Month Truck Flip Program. Keep an eye out for TEAMLTD and our new 2020 GMC Denali 2500HD and 2020 GMC AT4 2500HD. We are stoked to be able to offer this deal to all TEAMLTD supporters!

Here is how it works: 

The 6-month truck flip program came to life 7 years ago, and has proven to be the most cost effective solution to driving a top of the line pickup truck. The program leverages two key components: large upfront discounts when purchasing and direct export access to the US market for flips. The combination of these two allow you to get into a new vehicle every 6 months costing very little, or even nothing through True North's Flip Program. 


  • Mitigate depreciation by letting them sell within 6 months.
  • Eliminate expenses such as tires, breaks, oil changes and general maintenance.
  • Always drive a brand new current model year truck.
  • Ontario wide free delivery of your vehicle. 

This program speaks for itself but if you are looking to get more details call or text Billy @ 705-716-7037 and mention TEAMLTD's Truck Program.


By Kris Howes