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Top 5 Zoom Drinking Games


Top 5 Zoom Drinking Games



      Well, inevitably we are all stuck at home, social distancing & kicking ourselves for how much we underrated being able to hug our friends. Most of us have found alternatives to seeing each other, whether it be Zoom, House Party or Only Fans, the webcam streaming will have to do for now. I’m sure most of us miss those kitchen table drinking games, where slamming cups of alcohol that had been touched by who knows how many fingers was not only acceptable but encouraged. The days of chants, yelling and team comradery based around getting completely sloshed together is currently at a stand still. So we have put together a list of possible drinking games to enjoy on video chats. Please enjoy responsibly… or don’t. At least your bed is only 10 feet away.
*For any of these games, if you want to distinguish teams set your Zooms virtual backgrounds to the same solid colour. ie Red vs Blue




MATERIALS (at each location): Booze, 1 Solo Cup, Flat Surface

This one's a bit easier to organize than team flip cup especially with larger numbers or an odd amount of people. Essentially everyone drinks at the same time and tries to flip. The last person to flip is eliminated and becomes an observer to watch for cheaters and tiebreakers. Refill and repeat until there are only 2 left which will be your final round.



MATERIALS (at each location): Booze (Lots), Shot Glass 

Rules are simple, find a power hour mix, and every minute when you hear the song change you do a shot of beer or mixed drink. Always have your shot poured and you can leave it as background sound during conversations but don’t miss one! If you are feeling like that's too easy, try to complete 100 minutes and join “The Century Club”. I have placed a couple of my favorite power hour playlists below! *Pro-tip, use multiple shot glasses to save time



PLAYERS: 2 or 4 

MATERIALS (at each location): Booze, 12 Solo Cups, 2 Balls, Table, Partner (Can be played solo)

Where there is a will, there is a way. Essentially both teams would need to set up the game on their sides of the camera and just remove cups on both sides as the teams play. This requires a talented cameraman, as well as honesty. Play the game like normal but instead of your opponents standing across from you, it’s just their cups and zero distractions to stop you from hitting every shot. There would be no bouncing but you should determine your own rules before the game starts. Cell phones would be recommended for this one so you can follow the action.



MATERIALS (at each location): Booze, Deck of Cards 

A classic, but we are going to skip the player round and go straight to riding the bus. Whoever owns a deck of cards can go around the “table” (Zoom) having each player ride the bus and see who can complete it in the least amount of cards. Dealer, please point the camera at the surface where cards will be played. The player who is riding the bus must complete ALL four questions IN A ROW.

  1. Red or black
  2. Higher or lower
  3. In between or outside (your first 2 cards)
  4. Suit (Any failure at any stage requires that player to start BACK at question one)
For example, if I guess black, and the first card is black, I proceed to the second question. If I guess higher, and the next card is actually lower, I must restart at the first question. Play continues until:
  1. The entire deck is used or
  2. The player answers the four questions correctly in a row

Good luck. Full game instructions here https://drinkinggamezone.com/drinking-games/ride-the-bus/




MATERIALS (at each location): Booze, Cup

    An easy but effective one. Divide everyone into two equal teams and you can mark these teams by changing your virtual background to the same colour. Each player should fill a cup with booze to the equal amount as everyone else. On the signal “Go!” the first person from each team chugs their drink and places their cup upside down on the table. As soon as they do this, the next person starts drinking, and so on. First team to finish all their drinks wins.
    1. Instead of a pint each person has two pints. The race starts as normal but the man at the back drinks two pints and then the process is reversed till they reach the front of the line.
    2. Instead of just putting the cup upside down, the player must flip it. Thus making it a team flip cup.
    By Kris Howes